Time – it’s all relative.

25 October marks the end of BST and with it images are conjured up of cold, dark mornings, scrapping ice off the car windscreen and an hour less in our warm, comfy beds. But what is your perception of time? Can we gain a deeper appreciation for time if we consider it from a different perspective?

How to stop time: kiss someone you love.

How to travel time: lose yourself in a book.

How to escape time: listen to music.

How to loose time: focus on your passion and strengths.

How to feel time: have a looming deadline.

How to make time: practise mindfulness.

How to cherish time: be present in the moment (in the now).

How to reverse time: reminisce and cherish the past with old friends.

How to waste time: tweet or update Facebook status (I see the paradox).

Harvey Mackay, a businessman, author and syndicated columnist with Universal Uclick writes a weekly column. He described the paradox of time in a recent until piece. Time is free but it is priceless, you can’t own it but you can use it, you can’t keep it but you can spend it, once you have lost it you can never get it back.

We can all manipulate time through perception and perspective, because ultimately perception and perspective are all that really matters anyway.

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