You decide

How do you start your day? Is each morning a struggle to rouse yourself from slumber or do you wake each day excited, invigorated and happy? The emotional state you create will have an affect on everything else going on in and around you. If you look for negativity, guess what? You will be sure to find it. 

If we control our consciousness we therefore control our thoughts, the proceeding element of control would be that of our mood. I fully appreciate the simplicity of this presupposition, but consider this… Reality is nothing more than a collection of thoughts, or more eloquently put by Virchow in 1845 ‘Life itself is but the expression of a sum of phenomena’. Given that reality is created out of thoughts, and we all feel a certain way about our chosen reality, it becomes important for us to understand the link between thoughts and feelings; that is the expression of our mood.

It is our choice to empower ourselves to respond to challenges and problems in a constructive and positive way. Can we celebrate success, sit back and witness the energy this can bring to, not just the workplace, but also our home lives? When we get dressed every morning, can we ‘put on’ our mood as well? There is so much we can celebrate everyday, it is just a question of where we invest our energy? 

Having read this short blog you now have two choices: 1. Ignore / dismiss it or 2. Share it with people you care about. Guess what choice I made? Just like developing any skill it takes practise and it is a ‘choice’. 

Summoning the strength to do it for yourself can be tough, so I invite you to do it for someone else. To quote the FISH! PHILOSOPHY; Moods and attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?

Information cited from the FISH! PHILOSOPHY, and Harley Therapy CBT Behavioural Counselling.

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